The First

The Best

The Frontier of Early Cancer Dx

Innovating MDx with IPs

R&D of miRNA-based early cancer diagnostic technology
with liquid biopsy of blood to screen for liver cancer and more.
Envisioning a Multi-Cancer Early Detection Kit for 35 Cancers

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R&D Initiatives & Advancement

For Global Leadership in MDx

Driving R&D and Innovation
to address the unmet needs of liquid biopsy Cancer Dx,
starting with Liver Cancer

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microRNA​ (miRNA)

Next-Gen Biomarker for Early Dx
Introducing an innovative diagnostic method
for Cancer, Encephalopathy, Cardiovascular
Diseases etc.

miRNA Technology

Introducing technology distinguished by
its exceptional functionality, 

crafted through meticulous R&D

miRNA Products

Discover innovative solutions that use
cutting-edge miRNA technology to
address the unmet needs of MDx.

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