3C™ Technology

Check of Cross Contamination

Principle : 3C™

HB 3C™ Technology is,

PCR technology that determines false positive results that occur due to cross-contamination by synthetic oligomers from the positive control.

Factor causing False Positives

in Molecular Diagnostics

Cross contamination during
Nucleic acid extraction/purification

Equipment management

Laboratory contamination
by PCR products

Use of UDG enzyme

PCR equipment

Separation of PCR room

Cross contamination
by positive control

Negative Control

3C™ Technology

Cross Contamination of Positive Control

Determination of false positives

True Positive

3C (Cross Contamination Check) Probe does not function due to the absence of the 3C Probe binding sequence in the sample.

PCT contamination in sample

HB BestPlex™

3C Flu/COVID-19 RT PCR Kit uses

3C Probe to check the sample for cross-contamination by the PCT (Positive Control Template).

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